Persuasive Communication Strategy




From Intention to Influence

Maximize your communication and presentation skills by training with an acclaimed international actress, the media executive who brought you March of the Penguins, and a persuasion expert.

Persuasive Communication Strategies: From Intention to Influence is an advanced, 2-day presentation skills training for corporate leaders and high-potential executives who seek to improve their abilities to persuade, affect and connect with their audiences. Through demonstration and practice, the program trains you to develop a presentation style that resonates with your audiences--from people who report to you, to the boards and senior leadership that will advance your career. Led by experts in creative entrepreneurship, theatre and rhetoric, you will be better prepared to actualize your intention to influence and inspire teams, sell with passion, close deals, and serve others with excellence.

Proven effective in virtually any corporate context, at the core of this empirical, evidence-based process is discovery of the techniques and methods to highlight your authentic passion for the intended outcome.

*Persuasive Communication Strategy was formerly named The Art of the Pitch.

Dates and Registration

Oct 5, 2015 to Oct 6, 2015
Location: Berkeley, California
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Fee: $4,000


Adam Leipzig
Faculty Director
CEO at Entertainment Media Partners
Penny Kreitzer
Co-Faculty Director
Richard Freishtat
Senior Consultant, UC Berkeley
" I'm not a business person; I'm a software developer. But I've taken a number of business-type courses from various providers because I do consider interacting with others a central part of my job. This class was far and away the best I have taken. The instructors are perfect complements for one another--they all have different areas of skill and focus, and they each leant something invaluable to the class. They're all excellent workshoppers too, providing direct coaching on individual pitches and presentation skills. I left feeling my pitch *and* my pitching skills were much stronger than when I entered. "
– Avrom Roy-Faderman, LMTS Software Developer,
" Persuasive Communication Strategy was a tremendously valuable course which provided practical tools I could implement immediately.  The instructors were 3 power houses, each bringing different strengths and perspectives to the table.  I highly recommend this course. "
– Jeremy Weintraub, Director of Business Development, Vitamin T
" Penny, Richard and Adam taught me how to use my circle of influence to be a poised speaker.  This included breathing techniques, consolidation of material, the concept of hook/meat/close, and building the pitch for your audience.  The secret: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! "
– Evelyn Launius, Sr. Project Manager, Hill Physicians